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We are simply the best when it comes to carpet cleaning. We can clean all kinds of carpet, from natural fibre to man made, deep or low pile, big or small. We are the experts at dealing with stains, spills and restoration and we also offer a full comprehensive shampooing and vacuuming service to get your carpet looking beautiful again.

We are reliable, professional and also cost effective; our cleaning is so good it pays for itself long term by stopping damage and adding value. Our work is carried out by fully qualified, experienced and friendly operatives to your specifications and to your timetable. We're so confident we're the best all of our work comes with a guarantee of quality and is fully insured.

Why choose us in Dunstable

  • Stains and spot cleaning as well as Rugs
  • Fast appointments
  • Insured and trained technicians
  • Over 25 years experience carpet cleaning

Our Customers

In the cleaning services industry the customers is always right. This is because it is the
customer who knows what services he or she needs .It is with regard to this that we strive to
ensure that all our cleaning services surpass the expectations of our clients especially with
regard to quality. To us, satisfying our clients is our core mission. This is why we offer a wide
range of cleaning services that are bound to meet the cleaning requirements of our different
types of customers.

Our different types of customers include; restaurants, homes, hospitals and business
establishments. If you require us to be careful when cleaning your home or business due to
the presence of delicate valuables ,you can rest assured that we will indeed be careful. If you
are worried that we will not be thorough when cleaning your restaurant, you should put your
worries to rest. We understand the importance of absolute cleanness in the food and
hospitality sector and hence we have made it our mandate to be thorough. It is indeed our
priority to ensure that all our diverse types of customers’ cleaning needs are met .

Why carpet cleaning Dunstable is important.

Cleaning the carpet is very important in maintaining the overall health of the family. Regardless of whether there are stains, you may feel like you're doing what's needed just by vacuuming it week after week to get build up and junk. It is not the case as the carpet needs more cleaning and specialized care. Mould can without much of a stretch develop in the carpet if it is not adequately cared for. If it is on the rug, it can keep relocating all through the home. Cleaning regularly will eradicate the mould before they can grab hold and begin to spread. It's better for your home and your wellbeing.

Dust mites are Microscopic and flourish in dirty carpets. While they aren't an issue all by themselves, many individuals are affected by the bugs. As you stroll over the cover, these contaminations get into the air to be taken in. Secure your family and your respiratory framework by having the cover cleaned regularly to expel these irritations. Carpets do not take too long to dry if done by Pro Cleanse Carpet Cleaning professionals {NAME}. They will also use products that will extend the life of the carpet and make it withstand and tears.

The Pro Cleanse Dunstable difference is clear

Cleaning the carpet for special occasions is very important as it freshens up the carpet. Your children are on the rug here and there, and your pets lie on the mat always. They shed, dander tumbles off, and they may even store a couple of insects on the carpet. After some time, these stores from your favourite pet prompt scents and different issues. Put resources into customary cleaning to keep these allergens out and guarantee that carpet is spotless. You'll dodge the unpleasant smells, insect pervasions, and hypersensitivity issues.

Regardless of whether your carpet is pristine or a couple of years old, you need to keep it as perfect as could reasonably be expected. Your family will be more beneficial when your carpet is free of allergens, tidy and earth. You'll successfully secure your kids, and your pets will likewise value the spotless condition.

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