Should I get my carpets cleaned professionally?

We have prepared a simple guide to help you to decide whether you should get your carpets cleaned professionally.

Why should I get my carpets cleaned?

Conventional cleaning only is cosmetic and does not deal with deeper problems. You can not see dust mites and the build up of pathogens and allergens in a carpet. These can only be removed through the application of deep cleaning by an expert. You should aim to get your carpets cleaned deeply once a year. Otherwise, you are potentially exposing you and your family to increased risk of allergies and other hazards.

Is your method safe?

We use chemicals that are safe for children, adults and animals. We also use chemicals that are environmentally friendly. Our method is completely safe and will not harm you or your possessions.

What about cleaning around furniture?

We move all furniture safely prior to cleaning and are sure to put it back in the right place afterwards. We can discuss with you any particular requirements if there are any precious or valuable items which we need to take into consideration when cleaning.

When can you clean?

We aim to fit our service around your busy professional and personal lives. We aim to give you a competitive quote and will not necessarily charge an additional price for fitting around your schedule. Please contact us to find out more about the hours we can clean for you.

Will all stains and marks be removed?

We will do our best to remove stains for you. In some cases, stains and marks can not be removed. In this case we will explain to you what it is possible for our cleaning to do.

Will it damage my carpet?

We leave the carpet in a superior state to before the cleaning took place. If there is danger of shrinkage, or damage, to a carpet (perhaps due to its age) we will consult with you before we start work.

Will the carpet be wet?

Inevitably our technique will make the carpet damp, but with fans this wetness usually disappears within a few hours.